Beatriz Goulart - Fotografia + Design

  • We make time to stop, we tell stories and we eternalize emotios.

    We value love, the family and the hope that photography bring. we photograph with love, design and a peculiar brazilian touch!

Beatriz Goulart

I've know photograph since i was a child, when i already photographed with my father's cameras. Throught a graphic design college I discovered what the photography had to ofer me. And i realized that it offer me much than beautiful pictures, but also memories. often happy, sad and especially hopeful. I value the small things , like easy smiles and simple details of a sunday's barbecue with family. I am Abba's daughter, Higor's wife and i travel arround the world capturing the love and art in images.

Higor Kretli

I've know the photography since I was child too but after I met e married Bia, I started to see it with others eyes. The photography enchanted me and, since this , it's a privilege to me study the photography day after day, so that our clients and friends be happy and fulfiled with our job of register emotions and tell great stories. I am Abba's son, Bia's husband and i travel arround, physically or not, trying capture the grace given to us call of life.

Like good brazilians, we like to talk with a good food. But, how we know, it is not always possible. Send a message to us. We promise answer quickly :)